We have Home Health nurses on call 24 hours. For urgent needs call us at (765) 838-1660

Home Health Care

We take pride in the superior care we provide within the comfort of home. We pair each of our patients with specialized therapists and nurses for a more rapid recovery. Our staff is trained to listen, understand, and empathize with the client. We encourage patients and family members to vioce their needs throughout the treatment process. Our goal is to ensure our clients can quickly and safely transition back to their prior way of life.

Home Care Services

Skilled Nursing

Our nurses complete a thorough initial observation
and assessment of each patient to determine what
care is needed. Our nurses provide specialized
services including lab draws, bowel and bladder
management, pain control, diabetic teaching,
catheter care, attention to cardiac and lung care,
and education on specific care of each patient’s
disease processes. Additionally, our nurses contact
your physician if other medical conditions arise.

Physical Therapy

Our therapists focus on safely restoring strength
and endurance, and improving range of motion
(all while reducing pain) by creating individualized
programs tailored to your walking, transferring,
balance, and/or post surgical needs. They can also
provide specialized treatments, usually found in the
clinical setting, in the comfort of your own home.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists focus on re-training
of everyday tasks that may have become difficult.
These common activities called “activities of daily
living,” include bathing, grooming, dressing,
transferring, and kitchen and bathroom tasks.
Our skilled therapists also provide resources and
recommendations with regards to equipment use
that may make these tasks easier to accomplish.

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapists educate each patient on
their individualized disease process and suggest
exercises that assist in retraining the muscles
that aid in speech and swallowing. Focused on
improving swallowing/speech difficulties, they
provide compensatory techniques to help increase
speech production, and suggest diet and fluid
modifications when the task of swallowing
becomes difficult.

Dietary Counseling

Our dietitian will evaluate the client’s dietary
needs and advise which foods to incorporate
or eliminate from his/her diet for optimal
health. The dietitian’s recommendations and
meal plans are based on an analysis of the
client’s wellness and nutritional needs.

Home Health Aides

Home health aides operate under the close
supervision of the occupational therapist and
other healthcare professionals. They provide
assistance with bathing, dressing, and other
personal hygiene needs. Our home health
aides pride themselves on providing the
accurate amount of assistance so the process
of transitioning back to independence will be
less difficult and overwhelming.

Social Work Assistance

Our social workers help locate additional
resources and support within the community
that may be needed to provide a smoother
transition back to the home setting,
especially after an extended hospital or
nursing home stay.

Our Specialized Therapy Treatments

Soft Tissue Oscillation Therapy

Treats acute and chronic pain associated with strains and ligament sprains; provides circulatory benefits and fluid movement in patients with acute edema; improves range of motion following joint replacement.

Electrical Stimulation (E-Stim)

Helps to strengthen muscles after injury or extended hospital stay; can also be advantageous at lower settings for chronic lower back pain, neck pain, or osteoarthritis.


Painless method of delivering medicine to localized tissue by applying electrical current. Helps to decrease inflamation and pain in target areas.


Uses ultrasound waves to transfer energy into tissue to repair damage after injuries, and to aid in absorption of pain relieving/anti-inflammatory prescription creams in the skin. Helps decrease pain and muscle spasms and break up scar tissue.

Back2Life Pain Solution

Uses a revolutionary technique called Continuous Passive Motion to naturally and rhythmically loosen right muscles and release pressure between the vertebra to relieve back pain.

Portable Lumbar/Cervical Traction

Treats low back and neck pain and radicular symptoms by decompressing disc, vertebrae, and lengthening muscles while stabilizing the spine.

Spray and Stretch Technique

Involves application of prescription spray coolant at tender site to help deaden painful sensations while contracted muscles are streched.

Specialized Taping Techniques

Kineseo Therapeutic taping technique that works with the lymphatic system to increase blood and lymph fluid circulation to rehabilitate affected area and relieve pain. McConnell Bracing/strapping technique using super-rigid tape for neuromuscular re-education.

Lymphedema Wrapping

Uses manual lymphatic drainage and compression bandages to promote fluid re-absorption. Reduces edema and swelling, prevents stretching of the skin, and protects the limb from trama and further wound complications.


Trained therapist uses revolutionary soft silicone cups (made in Russia) for comfort treating muscle aches, adhesions, edema, poor circulation, trigger points and more.

Other Therapy

Balance and re-education programs | Hip and knee total replacement programs | Cardiac rehab programs